Expo dots and squares

Expo dots and squares


Ced VERNAY is a modern pointillist, a pixel explorer.

Element banished by all photographer, cameraman or graphic designer, this French artist places the pixel in the heart of his artistic work as a symbol of human imperfection.

His « Dots » are confettis cut inside magazines and glued one by one with a pair of tweezers, while his « Squares » are painted in a huge chromatic mosaic.

Closely the painting is an abstract artwork,  but steping back it becomes figurative  and hyper-realistic  when viewed through the prism of a screen.

So get your mobile phones or digital devices…you will become magicians!

Ced VERNAY lives and works in Marseille after living 10 years in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Many exhibitions have been organized in France (Paris , Lyon, Marseille …) but also abroad (Geneva, Tokyo, Rio de Janeiro, Buenos Aires … ).

Intercontinental Marseille Hotel Dieu.

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